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Improving Environmental Health
Improving Environmental Health
  • Mayada is a twelve years girl from El-Bureij Refugee camp. She lives with her family in an old isolated house at the marginal parts of the camp. When our Community Health Workers visited the Elementary School B to form child to child group, Mayada asked to join the program, but she was very shy. As her school performance has been weak, she thought we would only accept talented students. When we included her in one of the CtC groups she said: “I was afraid you will not accept me”; she was happy! Mayada always came on time and attended all the sessions. She participated in most of the activities with much enthusiasm and vitality. Feeling that she is equal to others including the talented students has positively impacted her school performance level. Her scores in the mid term exams have been distinctively high. She came to us smiling and very happy with those results; she said: “thank you so much for accepting me in the CtC program, this has strengthened my personality and increased my self confidence”. 

  • As the summer camps have to start, some girls find it difficult to be involved as long as the other sex (males) are involved. PSCF team talked to the girls and approached their families to approve their participation in the summer camps. The girls have participated and expressed their deep appreciation to the PSCF team and talk freely about their experience in the camps with their peers of males without problem..

  •  PSCF team has succeeded to make the Buriej Youth Club to be accessible and open for females along with males by conducting health sessions for women within it's premises, and also by conducting one of the summer camps for 75 children (males &females) 

  •  In block 1, and through the home visits, the residents of the area appreciated the PSCF work and asked for frequent health sessions. But in order to conduct a health session , proper place is needed and the area lack any local NGO working there, so Mr. Rizek Jebreel has offered his house to be used to host these health sessions. 

  •  During June, a session on children rights was attended by children, schools teachers, and parents. The children showed unexpected courage to speak freely in front of their parents and teachers about their feelings of the discrimination between males and females at the family setting, between the talent children and their classmates within the schools. 

  •  In Block 9, The PSCF and through the home visits listened to the people complain about one specific street in the area that has been left without paving where dirty water is accumulating. The PSCF team along with representative from the local committee has met with the Engineer shawkat el Najar from Buriej Municipality to solve the problem. Within few days, the municipality paved the street. 

  •  Hussein Al Amoudi is a talent child in the fifth grade in Buriej Male Elementary school A, Hussein was not beloved from his classmates as the school teachers are discriminating between him and them. Through child-to-child group Hussein was getting more closed to his classmates as the climate of the sessions enhance their attitudes toward him to the extent to select him as the leader.  

  •  By the beginning of this task in Feb. 2004, PSCF team has worked consciously to gain the trust of the schools in Buriej Camp and were surprised to find out that the schools have officially accepted and supported Child to child activities in the school premises, they allocated special room for the children meetings and assigned the health supervisor to follow up these activities with PSCF health workers. The headmasters and headmistress have allocated time for children shows and demonstrations in front of the entire schools students.