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Promoting Childrens Environmental Health
Promoting Childrens Environmental Health
  •  This story was reported by our Environmental Health Workers during the clean up campaign that PSCF has implemented on December 13 2004 in cooperation with local preparatory schools in the Beach Camp. It demonstrates student’s interest in the promotion of their school environment and their strong will-to-change wrong behaviors and practices. For instance, through this project, students interested in environmental health enhancement could found the opportunity to advocate for their right in a healthy environment.
  • While few girls were sweeping the road extension next to The Beach Camp Preparatory School for Girls “B” and collecting garbage lingered around, a group of boys passed by and started to laugh at the girls jeeringly and mocked them with offensive words. However, the girls continued the cleaning activities with more emphasis. Consequently, the boys’ response was not polite; they threw papers and wrappers of sweeties on the places that the girls have been sweeping. The boys did not succeed in their attempts to discourage the girls and make them stop cleaning, so they went away. The girls were there happy with their works to clean up the school. When they talked to the project Community Environmental Health Worker, they highlighted their interest in voluntary activities and said “we don’t care about those boys mocks, we love our school and want it clean and healthy; we are proud to participate in such a mission that we consider national”  

  •  During the clean up campaign, children were sweeping the market road, a car driver was passing by, and he threw an empty cigarettes packet. One of the children; Ismael Abed El Hadi (13 years) stopped him immediately and asked him very politely: “can’t you see we are cleaning this road?! Can’t you read the banners above?! Why don’t you keep the things you throw inside your car until you arrive at a garbage place? If every driver continues like this, we will never clean this road.” The child was very courageous and gave a brochure to the driver. The driver was ashamed of what he did, he descended from his car, apologized to all the children and he joined the volunteers in clean up campaign. In fact, he was very active! 

  •  During the summer camp activities in the Beach Camp Youth Activity Center, one of the children used the water tap, but he left it open and went to play football with his friends. When Arafat el-Khawaja saw this, he run to close the water tap. Then, he called his friend and told him: “hey man! We have just attended the awareness session about water pollution and conservation and the health worker talked to us about the shortage in the drinkable water in Gaza, what happened to you? Why did you leave the water tap open?” the first child recognized his fault and promised to be more careful next time in addition he thanked Arafat El Khawaja for his intervention because we should all preserve the drinkable water in our nation.