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Environmental Health Education/Awareness
Environmental Health Education/Awareness

Projects Funded by USAID through Tamkeen


Over two years from 2001 to 2003, through Tamkeen funding, PSCF drew the attention in Nusirat Camp to the relevance of environmental health awareness and education activities as a basic phase to guarantee the positive impact of environmental infrastructure projects. PSCF has succeeded to gain the support of municipalities, the local community as well as the local NGOs. All these bodies have been convinced of the importance of changing people knowledge, attitude and behavior to be able to reach the real change. Seeking to build upon the strengths of this environmental health education/awareness project, and in response to the request of El- Nusirat Municipality and local community to renew the project, PSCF sought in agreement with Tamkeen to renew the project in Bureij Camp; it is now under implementation. In addition, PSCF is implementing another project through Tamkeen funding to promote children’s environmental health in the Beach Refugee Camp. The main objective of this project is to enhance awareness and adoption of attitudes and practices to preserve, protect and promote a healthy environment among children in the Beach Refugee Camp.

Indeed, the four successive grants from Tamkeen helped PSCF to build a good working relationship with donors and community members. PSCF could disseminate several intervention materials and implemented different activities targeting in particular, children and women which enhanced the latter’s role as key factors to help change environmental health behaviors making them partners in the organization's activities. Moreover, the dissemination process, much stressed in Tamkeen project, allowed PSCF to constantly communicate with donors and local communities to keep them informed on anything that goes on with regards to PSCF projects. Creating the right message with which to communicate with people, and finding unique methods to gain their support helped PSCF to innovate and experiment its own way in promoting environmental health awareness. On the other hand, the transparency and accountability were critical in developing PSCF potentials and opening new ideas and new possibilities for fund raising.

PSCF would like to express its full understanding of how important the donations of Tamkeen are and would like also to express its gratitude to Tamkeen members who assisted us in becoming key leaders in implementing community activities, advocating the citizen’s opinions and gaining confidence of international donors in Palestine.