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Mohammad Jamal Qanoua
Mohammad Jamal Qanoua

Mohammad Jamal Qanou'a is a 3-year male child from Turkman Neighborhood in Gaza city. Since birth, Mohammed had a congenital problem described as Spinal Bifida or spinal hernia. Hydrocephalus is one of the major symptoms that show in this case in addition to feacal and urinary incontinence in addition to problems in his nervous system. For instance, he has an over cerebra spinal fluid which restrains the natural blood circle. Consequently, he had a shunt operation at Al Shifa Hospital to decrease the pressing of the spinal fluid on the cerebrum. In addition he had another surgery to close the spinal hernia. His main problem now is the motor delay and the overweight; he is 25Kg.

On the other hand, Mohammed’s mother is a teacher and his father is a pharmacist; the social and economical status of the family is good. Moreover, the mother is pregnant and the father spends most of his time in the pharmacy. To compensate their child, the parents answer all his needs and bring him a lot of toys and recreational materials thinking that this way they are helping him.  However, they ended only spoiling him and increasing his bad behavior and laziness. He relies on others in every little thing including daily life activities.   

Mohammed had never received any rehabilitation services before. Our team discovered him by chance; they were on the way to visit one of the beneficiaries when they were attracted by the size of his head and went to investigate the mother about his story. The mother welcomed the team and reported how much she suffers from his bad behavior. The team assessed his needs and put a treatment plan for him including 20 physiotherapy sessions, 20 occupational therapy sessions, and 15 psychological support sessions. So far, through this grant Mohammad Jamal Qanou'a received 5 physiotherapy, 5 occupational therapy, and 5 psychotherapy sessions. The treatment plan aims to improve the walking ability of Mohammed through the Bo bath technique. In addition, the treatment is done to strengthen the lower limb muscles mainly the right leg. The Psychologist’s plan comprises sessions for the child to positively change his attitudes and behaviors in addition to session for parental awareness; especially with the mother to give her the required knowledge and skills to better deal with her son and help him decrease his weight. The psychologist succeeded in improving Mohammed’s attitudes first by making him accept verbal instructions and encouraging him to cooperate more with the team and second by making him use the walker he already had but never accepted to use. They focused on attracting him with interesting games and colors to enhance his movement. So far, the results are good and Mohammed physical status is improving. He can stand on his own for a while and can walk with support of someone else or using a walker. The mother is very happy with these improvements and she reported to our team her thankfulness and appreciation of the provided services.