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Fatima Emad Edwan
Fatima Emad Edwan

Fatima Emad Edwan, from Nusirat Refugee Camp, was born in 1996 to a five-member family including her parents. Her problem started when she was only 3-month old and fell down on her head from a 1-meter height bed. As a result, she had bleeding in the head which lead to a right sided Hemiplegia (total paralysis in the right hand and right leg). Currently her parents are planning to take her to Egypt to make a surgery for tendon elongation.

Fatima is a 2nd grade student at one of the UNRWA primary schools. According to the team’s technical assessments, she needs 20 physiotherapy sessions, 20 occupational therapy sessions, 14 psychological support sessions, auxiliary crutches and splints. So far, nine physiotherapy five occupational therapy and nine psychological support sessions have been provided on a regular basis. The physiotherapy treatment plan aims at strengthening muscles of both legs and the back. The related exercises are done to teach Fatima how to walk inside home and advance many steps using a walker, how to stand up on both legs and climb a 3-step stairs. The role of the Occupational Therapist is to complement the physiotherapy plan by teaching her to use the walker properly. In addition, the OT tries to get Fatima to an independent state of mobility as well as a self-reliance status in taking on and off her shoes or clothes. The Psychologist treatment plan is much focused on individual counseling and the enhancement of Fatima’s social integration and school performance as well as awareness sessions to her parents. The family is highly cooperative and the results are so far good; for instance, Fatima got 92% in the last school term which is a very good mark!