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Abed Al Rahman
Abed Al Rahman

Abed Al Rahman Nofal, 11 years old, a child from Nussirat Camp, lives in  a poor family consists of three children, a father who is working as a driver and a sick mother. Abed Al Rahman was aggressive child, dismissed from his school because he made many troubles for the teachers and school students. His parents missed the hope to be returned back to the school and they felt that they lost their right to see their son, like other children sitting in the studying disk.

As a consequent, Abed started to work as a Mechanic in order to assist his family to overcome the hard economical situation they live in. Through his working, he has been deprived of allchildhood rights.   By chance, Abed heard from his peers  about the "Model Community Centers Network Project" that is implemented in Palestinian Student Care Association (PSCA), and decided to join the program to participate in the recreational activities that included handcrafts, trips, open days and festivals.

Since his involvement in the project activities, the psychologists discovered that Abed suffers from several psychological and social problems, therefore, the project team decided to save Abed and help him. As a first step, the psychologist  prepared a case study for this child. She involved him in relaxation sessions which helped him to be progressed step by step. Then, the team work including the psychologist, the animators and the teachers collaborated and prepared a treatment plan including visits to Abed's  school, his family and to the mechanics workshop where he works. Immediately, the psychologists organized visits to Abed's family, she met his mother and presented the case of her child assuring that their participation was very important in  the treatment plan. The mother promised to help her child and to do anything the psychologist asked her to do. At the same time, the psychologist conducted a visit to Abed in the mechanics workshop where she felt that the owner of the workshop had a negative impact on Abed's progress since he hits him and treats him badly. As a reaction, the mother obliged her child to leave the mechanics workshop and asked him to be committed in the project activities especially the supportive education program and other recreational activities. Indeed, the child started to learn the basics in Arabic, English and Math and he joint all the recreational activities such as trips, festivals and open days. Throughout follow up,  the team noticed that Abed's personality was changed and he became highly self confident and he respected and cooperated with his peers.

On the other hand, the psychologist organized several visits to the school wishing to succeed in helping Abed to be returned back to his class. The school headmaster asked PSCA to address UNRWA office formally in order to be able to discuss Abed's issue. As a response, PSCA sent a formal letter to UNRWA head quarters asking them to help Abed to return to the school. Fortunately, the UNRWA agreed

and Aded returned back to his school.